Corporate Responsibility


The firm has adopted a charter that strives towards the empowerment of women and previously disadvantaged individuals. The firm procures all its needs from affirmable business enterprises and utilizes agents that subscribe to this charter. The firm addresses these issues by perpetuating balances in employment, procurement and access to legal services to the previously disadvantaged.

Quality Service

The firm ensures quality services with quick turnaround times based on the following principals:

  (a) Principal Attorney oversees and supervises all matters.
  (b) All Paralegals, Professional, Administrative staff and Candidate Attorneys are fully trained to
enable them to handle matters expeditiously and professionally.


Billing Structure

Pravina Govender Attorneys, Conveyancers & Notaries Public is an accountable institution and therefore is compelled to comply with the provisions of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) No 38 of 2001. All invoices are issued on a regular basis and where costing is accorded by time, accurate logs are kept. Where more than one professional is involved in a matter, the firm ensures that there is no duplication of costs. Fees and payment plans are also tailor made to suit Clients needs.