(a) Application of Bonds
  (b) Opening of Sectional Title registers
  (c) Conversion from Shareblock to Sectional Title
  (d) Subdivisions and Consolidations
  (e) Opening of Township registers
  (f) Bond registration
  (g) Transfer of expropriated land


Criminal And Civil Litigation/Collections

Our firm is on the panel of various Government departments, Parastatals, National Corporate entities and Legal Insurances companies.

Notarial Services

The principal attorney is also a qualified Notary Public and offers the following Notarial Services:

  (a) Drafting prospecting Contracts
  (b) Authentication of foreign documents
  (c) Registration of personal and praedial servitudes
  (d) Executing and registering Ante Nuptial Contracts
  (e) Registering of Mineral rights


Root Cause Analysis (RCAT)

The principal Attorney is fully trained to assist Companies and Corporates and Government Departments to chair investigations and draft opinions to ascertain root cause of any incident in terms of the Occupational and Safety Act.



The principal Attorney and the staff are fully trained to draft and vet the following contracts:

  1.  Shareholders agreements
  2.  Sale of business
  3.  Lease agreements
  4.  Prospecting Contracts
  5.  Life Partnership Agreements
  6.  Purchase and Sale Agreements
  7.  Share transfer agreements



PIE (Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act Number 19 of 1998)
Extension of Security Act and Labour Tenants Act, Restitution of land rights

Administration Of Deceased Estates
Drafting Of Wills
Registration Of Trusts

Family Law

  5.1 Maintenance
  5.2 Access (Contact) rights
  5.3 Parenting plan
  5.4 Divorces


Expanded Services (Legal Compliance)

  6.1 Corporate Governance
  6.2 B – BBEE
  6.3 Promotion Of Access To Information Act
  6.4 Financial Intelligence Act


Corporate Governance

We offer advice to Companies, Boards of Directors on how to implement and ensure that the Companies / Corporations adhere to proper and strict controls and what structures are required to be implemented to ensure compliance with the King 3 Code of governance, particularly that the principle of "apply" or "explain" is appropriately utilized.

In applying of this code, consideration is given to: -

  1. Business sustainability
  2. Best practice
  3. Achievement of Corporate Goals
  4. Processes for Risk Mitigation


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